Love is not

By Debra Gussin and Don Grady


Little boy, full of joy,
his heart pitter-pats everyday when the sun comes.
God knows where he goes,
he’s free as the wind as he plays on the drum-drums.
Blue skies in his eyes,
he sees everyone with grace and gladness.
Too bad, very sad,
he loses his way in a world of madness.
In a flash, he’s a young man of twenty,
searching for something and coming up empty.
Sondra! He remembers Rhonda! He remembers Liz and Yolanda!
He remembers enough, but he forgets that…

Love is not pleasure and desire.
It does not burn out with the fire.
Love is not luscious legs and long hair.
It does not need someone to be there.

All those years, well, I was crazy, I never got what love is not!
Big man, got a plan,
gonna sweep over land like a storm outta hand, and
hot stuff, huff-n-puff,
gonna blow them away with a “hip-hip hooray,” and
show time, bump and grind…
he grabs his share as the game goes by him.
Too bad, very sad,
there’s nothing there that will satisfy him.
He don’t know, but the things that he’s after,
can’t hold a candle to candor and laughter.
High heels! He remembers fine wheels!
He remembers pay day in L.A.!
He remembers enough, but he forgets that…

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